The Deposit Effect

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What is it?

Allowing buyers to secure their purchase by paying a deposit.

Why does it work?

It works because for many, cashflow and financial outlay can be an issue. Allowing your buyers to secure their order with just a deposit will not only make it easier and more accessible for them, but can secure the sale when perhaps they would have otherwise not proceeded – or proceeded much later.

How can you use it?

If appropriate to your offering, consider how you could allow your buyers to proceed / secure their order by simply paying a deposit.


➡️ See also: Pay Now Start Later



6 different ways to structure payment for your offering:

  1. Pay now start later-Allow buyers to secure something but not take delivery or use it until later when they are ready.
  2. Pay on results  -Take payment when you have delivered the desired result for your buyer
  3. Pay as you go – Allow buyers to pay as they consume your offering.
  4. Prepayment  Allow buyers to create a credit balance that they can then draw down.
  5. Buy now pay later – Allow buyers to “buy|” today but not actually pay for the item until later in the future.
  6. Finance – offer finance and instalment payments to ease cashflow for your buyer.


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