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What is it?

Behavioural messaging is all about adapting your message to match the behaviour of your buyer.

Why does it work?

It works because it demonstrates you understand what your buyer is thinking, feeling or doing – it also demonstrates your expertise and preparedness for that situation. An example is my email signature for Clear Sales Message™ . If you click the logo, it takes you to this page which tells you that I “knew” you would click the link and to demonstrate that such an event is a chance to sell.

The page is here.

How can you use it?

There are any number of situations where this could be applied:

1 – Retargeting ads – If you’ve ever had adverts “follow you around the internet”. – especially when the advert explicitly references your behaviour “We notice you registered for the webinar but didn’t join…?”

2 – Abandoned cart – Similar to the above, these types of ads utilise things like The Follow Up Offer to specifically encourage buyers to finish their transaction.

3 – Physical location – Like The Context Effect where your messaging changes to match its surroundings, some technology allows you to advertise to people who physically visit a location or place.

4 – Click on links – Like my email above, could you insert Easter Egg style links in your documents and content?

5 – Searching for content – If you sell Bicycle helmets, then targeting people searching for bicycles or knee pads or other items ensures you appeal to “People Like You” where you can say “searching for knee pads? Don’t forget a helmet!”

6- Time has passed – Utilising The Trigger Point could you have timed content and messaging that is sent on specific anniversaries or days of the year to be relevant?

7 – Exit intent – When you go to leave a website and you get am (annoying)  pop up. That’s behavioural messaging in action!

8 – Cancel Intent– When you go to cancel a service and they offer you a retention discount.




This is a sign placed next to the kettle in a hotel, reminding you to separate recycling items once you have made your drink/snack.



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