The “UNTIL” Guarantee

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What is it?

The “Until” Guarantee is all about making a commitment to your buyer. It’s about working with clients UNTIL they get the result they are paying for – however long that takes.


Why does it work?

It works because it minimises risk and reassures buyers that they’ll get what they paid for – no matter the time frame. It means the seller and the buyer are aligned to achieve the same outcome and that can only be a good thing.


How can you use it?

You’ll need to do the maths on this one to work out the risks of giving people essentially unlimited access to you/your resources as well as how long it might take to deliver the desired result in the worst case.

I work with my clients and offer them this guarantee – they are STUCK with me until they are happy. I know realistically that even the most difficult client won’t be too much trouble and that for most I can create their Clear Sales Message™  in a specific timeframe.  So, for me, the attraction for my clients of getting everything they want, however long it takes, far outweighs the outside risk of any issues.


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