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What is it?

A neologism is a fancy term for creating a new word.


Why does it work?

Creating a new word for your business, product or service can make things much easier when it comes to securing a domain name and not having any trademark issues. Creating a whole new word means you get to define what it means.


How can you use it?

This is most relevant when it comes to naming your business, product or service – creating a new word to convey your offering can help to make you well known in your space. (eponymy)



By combining dandruff and beards – you get “Beardruff”. Very clever. Very simple.



12 Wordplay techniques to capture attention:

  1. Acrostic
  2. Alliteration
  3. A​mbigram
  4. Anaphora
  5. Assonance
  6. Calligram
  7. Consonance
  8. Neologism
  9. Rhyme
  10. Mesostic
  11. Epistrophe
  12. Homophone



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