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What is it?

Consonance occurs when there is a repetition of a consonant sound in a sentence/series of words.

Why does it work?

It helps to make the sentence more melifluous and memorable because, like rhyming, consonance rarely happens by chance.

How can you use it?

If you want to grab the attention of your listener, then simply google words that contain the same letters (such as “tt”and use them in your messaging.


12 Wordplay techniques to capture attention:

  1. Acrostic
  2. Alliteration
  3. A​mbigram
  4. Anaphora
  5. Assonance
  6. Calligram
  7. Consonance
  8. Neologism
  9. Rhyme
  10. Mesostic
  11. Epistrophe
  12. Homophone


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