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What is it?

The Follow Up Offer is where you “follow up” a client who hasn’t bought with an incentive to help them to buy.

Why does it work?

It works because firstly the client is being followed up, which in itself can help you to make the sale, but by having an incentive such as free shipping or a discount or gift, it could be enough to help the buyer make their mind up as they’ve clearly hesitated in not buying in the first place.

How can you use it?

Decide on the most appropriate incentive for your offering and then use this to follow up those who have “abandoned” their online shopping cart or those who you have spoken with who haven’t yet bought.

It could be things like:

The bottom line is that it must be something that would be appealing to your buyer, but not too costly for you to provide.


To make the offer more compelling, use scarcity to limit the window of opportunity to 24/48hrs.



10 alternative ways to discount your offering:

  1. First purchase– Discount the first purchase a buyer makes with you.
  2. Follow up offer – Follow up those who didn’t buy with an incentive.
  3. Cashback – Don’t discount, but provide cash back to those who pay full price.
  4. Themed Sale – Create an event or reason to hold a sale.
  5. Price Match – Offer to match the genuine price of a competitor.
  6. Buy more – Incentivise buyers to spend more with ascending discounts.
  7. Free gift- Offer a free gift with purchase.
  8. Early bird – Offer a discount for those who buy/pay in advance.
  9. Flash Sale – Hold a flash sale
  10. Budget version -create a naturally cheaper version of your offering to appeal to lower spending buyers.


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